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"Commercial" Sites...
 By this I mean sites such as absolutearts, Fine Art America, and similar.  As all art, they tend emphasize, more or less, contemporary.  Here are some links of five that I currently use.

 A common problem with all "commercial" sites is that of finding what you want to look at. Searches (or whatever) are basically provided by the computer, which cares nothing for art and doesn't know at all what you might like.  (This problem is fundamental on the net, at least for all areas of popular interest, and probably has no solution.)

 Another problem online: an overwhelming degree of jabberwock ... "Jabberwocky" is (a poem) of nonsense verse written by Lewis Carroll..."


 "Buy Contemporary art, read art news, buy fine art... "
 "absolutearts" is strongly contemporary, but a few artists do more traditional-modern styles; for example, the picture here is from a recent look...

 The site is also heavy into "news"; I have a continuing objection about art sites devoted to "news".  After all, art should really mostly consist of art.


"Search by medium, subject matter, price and theme..."; I tried a search on the absolutearts site, using "$400 or higher + Painting Oil + Landscapes", just to see what would happen; here is an example of some results.  I think generally nice, and the price levels seem ok for serious fine art.  Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.
 Fine Art America

 "There are currently 1,398,378 fine art prints,..."; emphasizes "Print On Demand"...  This site emphasizes this heavily, as a result, there is a lot of garbage on the first couple of pages.

 The site lists "shop..." by areas as Medium, Subject, Color, Popular Tags, Today's New Artwork (673), ...", plus more "comments" than anyone could possibly endure.

 Browsing: they offer browsing by "subjects" can select "random", "recently: added", ... tried several times to do these selections but it always gave me the same stuff.

 here are the subjects; they seem somewhat to mix styles / subjects...All Subject Matter    Music
Abstract    Nudes
Animals    Portraits
Cities    Science Fiction
Fantasy    Sports
Floral    Still Life
Food And Beverage    Surrealism
Impressionism    Transportation

I checked out "landscapes just to see where I went...  City Scenes, Deserts,  Gardens,  Mountains,  Rural Scenes

 Here was their 1st page "featured artists", of 10000+ "featured" paintings for sale; (I'm not sure what is "featured", for myself I pay $30/year and am"featured", maybe thats it.) ...

failed search... "Art Gallery Directory"

I tried searching near St. Pete, Florida...
"The fine art galleries listed below are sorted according to their distance from .
  All Galleries
  Local Galleries Only
  By Distance"
No nearby galleries were listed; since I know that there are good galleries in the Tampa / St. Pete area, the listings are apparently not real; maybe only galleries who have "linked themselves in" to the site in some way.  The closest gallery listed was 330+ miles away:
  Old Florida Celebration Of The Arts
  Cedar Key , FLORIDA 32625
  331.95 Miles Away


A few results from my search...


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