Georgia O'Keeffe

American early 20th century Traditional-Modern....

Georgia O'Keeffe

Georiga O'Keeffe

"... O'Keeffe has been recognized as the Mother of American Modernism

  ...Early in 1916, Anita Pollitzer took some of the charcoal drawings O'Keeffe had made in the fall of 1915, which she had mailed to Pollitzer from South Carolina, to Alfred Stieglitz at his gallery. He told Pollitzer that the drawings were the "purest, finest, sincerest things that had entered 291 in a long while", and that he would like to show them."

She is a prime example of what in my view is "Traditional-Modern".  Her artwork is always based on "motif"s which have true meaning in real life.

...Georgia O’Keeffe painted in what I think of as Traditional-Modern She was a believer in (her personal view) of traditional motifs, accomplished in her own unique modern style.

"She attempted to imbue all of her works— from her schematic images of the New York skyline to her magnified, closely cropped flower paintings—with an expressive, organic vitality. She was drawn increasingly to painting nature, especially the expansive, light-bathed landscape of th Southwest,..."
Georgia O'Keeffe Her Art. Her Life. Her Legacy. " The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum collection includes almost 3,000 works. Foremost among those items are over 1,000 works by O'Keeffe herself, comprising the largest repository of her work available to the public in a single institution. "

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 Georgia O'Keeffe The Complete Bio

Taos Mountain, New Mexico, 1930, Oil on canvas - Gift of M. Rosalie Leidinger and Louise W. Schmidt

Hood Museumof Art

These come from a Google search, but I've selected only a few art works that I like...

Georgia O-Keeffe - Canyon Country...

Canyon Country....


"Mother of American Modernism... known for her "prickly Personality" she had a notion of simple and meaningful life. Her paintings, Pictures and quotes."